1/ Psychometry at 13.12.09
2/ Website

This two things I must done, the first thing I have did 2 times and I'm going to do again and hope in the last time in my life. The one reason I made a decision to open this blog are to improve my English, In fact of true I did that, but I need a little push to complete the job.
The second thing I hope to finish is to open my new website; all the time after I closed my first and last website (called fofo-net and faster il) I hope someday to open again, I always living in goal to open website again every project I saw every new website I saw I looked and planing to toke the good thing from here and putting in my website.
I'm planing something called: experience people will share there knowledge from every thing in the world like: How buy TV? Love? Computer? Play in guitar?; you are good with that share that! of course all user in website have a profile page to show his thing to other.

hope for good and for write here again.
Bye Bye my friends.